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A PRIME "Way Too Early" look at the Running Back Position for the 2019 NFL Season Long Fan

Here's some initial thoughts on the upcoming NFL Season. Please note that this is done really early, so we except significant changes between now and the start of the NFL Season. Take a stand against the price inflation going on industry wide and refuse to pay more to win less. Join us at today!

RB Rank Player Overall Draft Rank

1 Saquon Barkley 1

2 Alvin Kamara 2

3 Christian McCaffrey 3

4 Ezekiel Elliott 4

5 Melvin Gordon 6

6 David Johnson 7

7 Joe Mixon 14

If you are seeing just a partial article, no worries. This is just a snapshot of our amazing work. To view all of the info, we now have amazing sales going on in preparation of the 2019 NFL Season. To purchase our entire 2019 Season Long Draft Guide for only $12.99, go to our website at & visit our online store. While there, feel free to view all of our services as we will beat any established competitors price GUARANTEED! That's how competitive we are. Don't accept the price inflation going on in the entire industry only to end up paying more to win less.

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