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Complete Version - ULTIMATE NFL Week 8 Fantasy Article & Cheat Sheet

Week 8 of NFL action is upon us. Up until this point, we haven't really had a significant amount of weather that has impacted the games themselves. That will change this week as the majority of the games on the east coast will be impacted by good ole' mother nature. We most remember that weather can and does change quickly as this will need monitoring through Sunday Morning to get the best understanding of where we need to go in lineup creation.

This is how Vegas sees Week 8 playing out!

PHI 30 vs SF 17

MIN 23 vs CLE 14

SEA 26 vs HOU 20

KC 25 vs DEN 18

BAL 20 vs MIA 17

CIN 26 vs IND 16

NO 28 vs CH 19

ATL 25 vs NYJ 21

BUF 24 vs OAK 22

DAL 26 vs WAS 24

DET 21 vs PIT 24

NE 28 vs LAC 20

TB 23 vs CAR 21

PIT 24 vs DET 21

Weather Concerns


PHI vs SF - Rain & Wind (strong gusts up to 22mph expected)

ATL vs NYJ - Rain & Wind

NE vs LAC - 4th Qtr Rain Expected

DAL vs WAS - Periods of Rain & Light Wind

Rain & wind can be a significant downgrade to the passing & kicking while upgrading the running games & defense.

As of Week 8, here's a ranking of teams regarding points allowed at each position!

Early week QB thoughts for cash include- Wentz, Rivers, Cousins, Wilson, Brees, & Prescott. GPP- Newton, Brady, Carr. Let's take a look at the complete cheat sheet for the QB postion.

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