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Complete Version - FREE ULTIMATE NFL Week 7 Fantasy Article & Cheat Sheet

**This article will be updated & finalized throughout the check back please as we wanted to give everyone a longer time frame to view our work.**

It's so difficult to believe that Week 7 of NFL action has arrived. One interesting topic that has been brought up this week, is "Are there any great teams in today's NFL?" We can all easily point out some good ones, but great? Maybe not today. It seems as if there isn't that significant separation of one or two teams in which they really stand out from the rest of the pack. Maybe there are just some great moments of good teams that find themselves in very opportunistic situations. So, let's get started by looking for some of those standout players that may contribute to some of those great moments in Week 7!

This is how Vegas sees Week 7 playing out!

KAN 24.5 @ OAK 21.75

TB 20.5 @ BUF 23.5

NYJ 17.75 @ MIA 20.75

ARI 21.75 @ LA 25.25

BAL 17.25 @ MIN 22.75

JAC 20.25 @ IND 23.25

TEN 26 @ CLE 20.5

NO 26.75 @ GB 21.25

CAR 21.75 @ CHI 18.75

DAL 26.25 @ SF 20.25

DEN 20 @ LAC 21.5

SEA 22.75 @ NYG 17.25

CIN 18.25 @ PIT 23.25

ATL 25.75 @ NE 29.25

WAS 22 @ PHI 26.5

Weather Concerns


NO @ GB - Rain & Wind

CAR @ CHI - Rain & Wind

* I feel this moderately downgrades the passing & kicking games for all teams and moderately upgrades the running games & defense.

**The Max Usage for the QB is actually just the maximum percentage of how much they can contribute to the running game!**

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