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Complete Version - FREE ULTIMATE NFL Week 6 Fantasy Article & Cheat Sheet

**This article will be updated & finalized throughout the check back please as we wanted to give everyone a longer time frame to view our work.**

-10/12/17 Updated WR & TE Grades, added D & insights

-10/15/17 Final Updates with manual grading of plays from 1-5 star

Another interesting week of NFL action is upon us as we are already at the doorstep of Week 6. Almost a third of the way through the regular season already. So, let's get started. One thing that stands out as of late, is the rise of Deshaun Watson as a very young star QB in the making for the Houston Texans. It usually takes NFL Defenses about 3 games of film to make solid adjustments that impacts the performance of a new QB, Up to this point however, we haven't seen anything that indicates he will be slowed down anytime soon. Deshaun looks to be one of the more heavily owned QB's for Week 6 although one of the things to be concerned with is the question of will the Browns be able to keep it competitive enough so that he can keep throwing in the 2nd half.

Below is how Vegas sees Week 6 playing out (Early Week)

PHI 21.5 at CAR 24.25

CLE 18.25 at HOU 28.25

DET 22.75 at NO 27.25

GB 24.75 at MIN 21.75

CHI 16.5 at BAL 23

SF 18 at WAS 28

MIA 17.75 at ATL 29.25

NE 28.5 at NYJ 19

LA 20.5 at JAC 23

TB 23 at ARI 21

PIT 21 at KAN 25


NYG 14.25 at DEN 25.75


Possible Weather Issues for Week 6


Before you begin to take a look at some of the data, the NFL Week 6 Cheat Sheet & Projections now include REVISED computer player grades, MAXIMUM player usage (a % of how much of an offensive workload they can account for per game- basically getting the ball in some way, shape, or form) & VALUE% (a % of how much a player has met/exceeded salary with their performance). Just ignore the player grades for the TE's & K's as they still need tweaking! Otherwise, WE THINK THIS ROCKS!

If you are using the information that the cheat sheet provides as well as these picks, then you should have most information at your fingertips. Building some of your own GPP lineups from this info can, not only be fun, but profitable. Last week I loved the Thursday night game and that almost backfired. Evans was a huge let down, as NE moved to man coverage and were able to scheme him out. Some of the other plays were fine, but none really crushed. This week, I would stick to the Thursday night game in GPPs only. I could definitely see both of these defenses wearing on each other and limiting offensive production. If I was looking to play the game, the following stacks are where I'm going:

Newton/Funchess, Wentz/Agholor + McCaffrey... You could switch either of the WRs with Benjamin or Jeffery but these are my preferred stacks

For the rest of the week, the following are my top plays: QB: Brees, Watson, Stafford, Ryan (Cash).... McCown, Cousins, Rivers, Palmer, Brissett, Rodgers, Flacco (GPP) RB: Ingram, Bell, Gurley, Fournette, Anderson, McKinnon (Cash).... Hunt, Abdullah, Ajayi, White, Gordon, Howard, Allen, Kamara, McGuire (If Forte and Powell are out) (GPP) WR: Allen, Hopkins, Fitzgerald, A Brown, Adams, Hilton (Cash)..... Thomas, DJax, Landry, Cooks, Pryor, Julio, Kearse, Tate, Crabtree, Wallace (GPP) TE: ASJ, Kelce, Griffin (Cash).... Ertz, Bennett, Derby, Reed (GPP) DEF: BRONCOS, RAVENS, Jags (I wouldn't differ from this group, personally)

Stacks (other than mentioned above): Brees/Thomas+Tate Watson/Hopkins and/or Fuller or Griffin Stafford/Tate + Thomas Palmer/Fitz + DJax Rivers/Allen

Broncos/Anderson Ravens/Allen Jags/Fournette

Sample GPP cores (1 including Thur and 1 without): Newton/Funchess/Agholor/Broncos/Anderson/Ingram Brees/Thomas/Tate/Broncos/Anderson/Derby I will be playing a lot of A.J. Derby for this slate tonight. Last week Henry was my call, and he came through, so I'm hoping for the same this weekend

Do you like what you have seen so far? Find out more about one of the best teams in the industry at

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