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COMPLETE MMA FREE DFS Article & Cheat Sheet for September 22, 2017

We have a card that starts at 8 EST tonight. I would play light since it's mostly Japanese fighters, and these guys can be tricky to predict. I will have my plays out later this afternoon (before 5PM). Get your contests reserved asap.

CASH: Kim - Gomi is done, so this should be quick work for Kim. Lock him in. Formiga - Formiga loses to guys that can out-wrestle him. Sasaki is not that guy. This should be a dominant decision with Submission upside.

Gadehla - She really only loses to Joanna Champion, and I don't see that changing here. Andrade is a very formidable opponent, however, so this should be a fun action packed fight with some high scoring potential. GPP: OSP - He fights slow, and Okami will oblige him in that slow pace. In order to pay off his enormous price, he will need an early KO. It can definitely happen. Saki/Silva - I am siding with Saki here, and I think he will earn the stoppage. He has a very good kick-boxing pedigree, and the dude has massive power in his hands. da Silva can win this if he decides to wrestle, which is the X-factor in this fight. I'm siding more with Saki, but will have a hedge lineup or 2 of da Silva. Ishihara - This dude can really hit hard, and if his mind is in it he is a good fighter. You guys will remember he was a huge favorite over Gray Maynard on our last big payday when Maynard destroyed him. I can see that happening again. Ishihara always has KO upside, but struggles against pressure fighters. I will use him sparingly in GPPs. Lim - This dude is gigantic for the division and hits like a Mac truck. Unfortunately, he also has a weak chin and loves to get into brawls. This fight is ending early, and I'm siding with his opponent Abe, but you need both sides of this fight just in case. VALUE: Nakamura - He has been stopped twice in his career with over 40 fights. I do not see this ending early, and if he gets it to the ground, he could earn a submission. I will likely have high exposure. Dy - As mentioned above, Ishihara struggles against pressure fighters. Dy likes to bring pressure, but he is such an unknown that this is scary. I'm on him for the win, but with very little confidence. Abe - I already mentioned that I think he clips Lim, and he will be my other main value play with Nakamura. FADES: Okami, Gomi, Sasaki - I think all of these guys are completely outclassed in these matchups. Okami may not be outclassed, but he is a true middleweight fighting a big Light Heavyweight on 1 weeks notice... that is tough to overcome.

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