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More common website layout that is an upgrade in many ways including a more professional appearance, animations, connections to social media outlets and more.  For an example, just view our own website as its basically everything you see except the sales options.

  • Clean, Polished, More Professional appearance
  • Your customized internet domain (
  • Home Page (Representing the common one page funnel)
  • Up to 3 additional website pages including components such about me/us, general info, & contact info
  • Navigation Bar linking to your additional pages or other websites
  • Interactive Slideshow for up to five of your media choices
  • Direct links to your social media accounts-Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc
  • Blog/Article set up to easily send out your content through e-mail and/or any of your social media feeds
  • Site Animations to really make your site standout out among the rest
  • Site Chat Service Options
  • Video Advertisement/Promotion created specifically to play on the home page of your site.

If this is the package for you, please proceed to the checkout after reviewing the info below, otherwise please return to our home page to see our additional offerings.

About the Standard Website Design Package

1. Its typically completed in 4 working days from the promised start date!

2. The website administrative role will be given to you for viewing and approval.

3. We will quickly follow up with any necessary revisions and completely transfer the site over to you unless you choose the maintenance free option where we handle up to 5 website revisions weekly so you can spend your time elsewhere and we can continue to do the work.  This is only a $19.99 service per month and once again this is optional.  We will follow up asap by e-mail to retrieve the needed information before we begin or you can fill out the work request at the bottom of our homepage to speed up the process!  


Enhanced Website Design Package

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