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Thank you as your order is complete.  So, whats next............

     First off, thank you again for your purchase as we are thrilled to have you join us for one of our many offers.  Click on the link below to immediately register and sign in with our team on the Discord App which is very similar to the commonly used Slack App.  If you need any help, please contact us asap on Facebook or Twitter.....or send us an e-mail at


          Keep in mind that when a purchase is made close to lineup lock, it makes things challenging for you and us alike as it's definitely a busy time.  Please contact us by Twitter (Preferred), Facebook, or E-mail at if you are purchasing a lineup in which it's an hour or less before lineup lock. We will make it happen and strive for a successful DFS venture!


Now more about the simple but very practical App we use called Discord (very similar to the our former Slack home below).....................

Discord is our current home for members only.  It's a great app that allows us to easily organize and post our cheat sheets, projections, Prime Picks, & Lineups so that they can be easily accessed by our members.  Welcome to the team!

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